Bryan works primarily in the field of biological informatics, the application of computer technology to help collect data and understand biology at the molecular, organism and ecosystem levels. Bryan moved to Tucson five years ago to be the Director of the University of Arizona, School of Information Resources and Library Science that has recently become the School of Information. Prior to moving to Tucson he served a two-year post as a program officer at the National Science Foundation, Division of Biological Infrastructure. For seven years Bryan served as grants chair, vice-president and president of the JRS Biodiversity Foundation’s board. That foundation issues grants to develop biodiversity information systems that can provide information for more informed protection of biodiversity primarily in Africa and South America. Bryan hails from Pennsylvania and lived to a dozen years in central Illinois while working at the University of Illinois. He is currently working on developing a Master of Science in Information with concentrations in biodiversity and ecosystem biology. He is also trying to learn a set of skills to help understand the links between microbial genomics and metagenomics as they respond to climate change and subsequently act as drivers of climate change. This summer he is hoping to build the first Bat-o-matic 2000 which will measure the amount of liquid consumed by a lesser long-nosed bat with each sip from a hummingbird feeder.

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