The Checkered Past of a Spotted Turtle

    Authored by Michael Graziano, Ph.D.   Spotted turtles (Clemmys guttata): they’re instantly recognizable, charismatic, and have been the focus of many a hobbyist, conservationist, and scientist. Across their range, many areas have been set aside and protected simply…

Cryptic Species Conservation

    Authored by Michael Graziano   What is a species? It’s a seemingly simple question that you would think has a simple answer. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Over the years, the definition for what a species is has…

Life Overlooked In Plain Sight

  Authored by Scott Trageser   When we think of Life Overlooked, those species that don't get enough conservation attention, we tend to think of small, secretive animals like tropical frogs or fungi, but sometimes the reasons for a species…

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