Focusing On Life Overlooked

To conserve life overlooked in underserved places by facilitating and engaging in education, stewardship, fiscal sponsorship, and research with local partners and an international network of conservationists, citizens, scientists, and photographers.

We Are Pioneers

Exploring the unexplored to gather environmental data that informs decision makers.

We Are An Alliance

Facilitating the work of conservation organizations across the globe.

We Are Different

Focusing on overlooked species in underserved places

We Have A Vision

A more effective and connected conservation sector which protects biodiversity in all its forms.

Why Support The Biodiversity Group?

The species we study are neglected by most, but are no less important. Your contribution will help to equitably conserve our natural heritage.

With your help, we can guide environmental policy and empower local communities around the world to protect the species which, in turn, give us all life.

Your support will help address the most neglected environmental crisis. Together we can make an impact that will benefit potentially millions of generations to come after our own.

We Make An Impact

Since 2002, The Biodiversity Group has racked up some impressive numbers:

100,000+ Species Photo Records

Discovery of 40+ New Species

13 Community Partnerships

90 Community Members

Projects in 7 Countries

Over 80 Global Volunteers

Get Involved


Your donation will help preserve and protect all forms of life.

Join a Photography Expedition

Explore the world’s most biodiverse places and learn how your photography can conserve wildlife.

Work With Us

Let’s work together! Find the field or non-field opportunity that is right for you.

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