Protecting Life Overlooked

We protect Life Overlooked™ through ground-breaking expeditions, developing novel technology, and supporting a global alliance.

For over two decades we have been saving lives by delivering insights and discoveries that have protected vulnerable and overlooked wildlife across the globe. During this time, we helped defeat a mining conglomerate in Ecuador and saved a truly unique ecosystem, eased the extraordinary burdens on conservationists worldwide, and developed new technology to (re)discovered species which the world thought we lost. Our unique approaches make conservation happen!

Support our Quest to Rediscover Zug’s Monitor Lizard: a Top 25 Most Wanted Lost Species

If we fund this by February 22nd, Robert Downey Jr. will match funds!

We Have Vision

A more effective and connected conservation sector which protects biodiversity in all its forms

We Are Pioneers

Exploring the most remote reaches of the tropics gathering data that leads to real protection

We Are Alliance

Facilitating the work of conservation non-profits across the globe through altruistic fiscal sponsorships

We Are Different

Focusing on the species and habitats others neglect, through novel means

Why Support The Biodiversity Group?

Conserve our natural heritage

The species we study are neglected by most, but are no less important. Your contribution will help to bring equality to wildlife conservation.

Guide environmental policy & empower communities

With your help, we can guide environmental policy and empower local communities around the world to protect the species which, in turn, give us all life.

Make an impact that benefits everyone

Your support will help address the most neglected environmental crisis—biodiversity collapse. Together, we can make an impact that can benefit millions of generations to come after our own.

We Make An Impact

Since 2002, The Biodiversity Group has racked up some impressive numbers:

Species Photo Records

New Species Discovered

Community Parnterships

Community Members

Different Countries

Global Volunteers

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