A Sonoran Desert Tortoise, one of the many species found on the TBG headquarters property. Yeah, we really like it here.

Do you think of the American Southwest as a desert with little life to be found? Think again! When founded in 2002, The Biodiversity Group actually made Tucson and the Sonoran Desert its staff and board headquarters for the main reason that, hectare by hectare, Arizona is the most biodiverse state in the Union. Tourists flock here from all over the world to see 14 species of hummingbirds, another 14 species of rattlesnakes (yes, that is distinctly a good thing), as well as unusual tropical species like elegant trogons and vine snakes.

In addition to keeping us happily hiking between trips to the tropics, we also give back to and connect our own local people and wildlife. We work with libraries, community groups, and Arizona schools to bring free Biodiversity PEEK programs to places they are needed most. And, our traveling photo expositions are constantly on the move around the United States.

Find out about our custom photography workshops in Arizona >>

Our new Biodiversity PEEK STEM curriculum is being launched in the U.S.! >>

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