World's First 3D Scans of Wild Animals!

The Biodiversity Group, in partnership with Sony electronics, have developed the world’s first scanner to create 3D models of live wildlife, which is revolutionizing the wildlife conservation space!

Making History!

For the last 300 years, scientists have had to kill animals and preserve them in museums for future research. Our 3D scanning technology, combined with noninvasive DNA collection, FINALLY allows us to create digital museum specimens and keep those endangered species alive! When our team rediscovers a species that hasn’t been seen in decades, which we often do, we may not know if it’s the last female on Earth, so we can’t risk euthanizing. And thankfully we don’t have to anymore!

If that weren’t amazing enough, this will also forever change the way we educate children and reach out to the public to protect our wild spaces! We can have kids view incredible wildlife from around the globe or even from their own back yard in 3D environments like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D tablets, holographic projections, or just on their phones and laptops.

Too scared to hold a snake or spider in real life? We got you. Nothing scary about these 100% real, yet 100% virtual representations.

Want to support our cause?

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