Many Ways to Give

Support Wildlife Conservation Through:

Financial support for:

  • Biodiversity (re)discovery expeditions;
  • DNA sequencing i.e., chytrid fungus swabs and/or eDNA samples;
  • Journal publication costs; and
  • General operating costs;

In kind services:

  • Database manager;
  • Full-stack website developer familiar with WordPress and/or React;
  • Tableau software subscription;
  • Hotel accommodations in Global South during expeditions;
  • Flight discounts;
  • Pro bono nonprofit lawyer (~0-2 hours/month);
  • Shipping discounts;
  • Assistance with business visas for countries that are difficult to enter due to Covid restrictions.

Gear donations including:

  • Notebook computers: Any with 8GB or more RAM;
  • Tablet computers less than five years old;
  • Portable hard drives 500GB or larger;
  • Smartphones: Any less than five years old;
  • Digital and certain film cameras;
  • Action cams/GoPro cameras;
  • Digital video cameras (none with tapes);
  • Studio lighting and sets;
  • Tripods, batteries, and other camera accessories;
  • Underwater camera gear;
  • GPS units;
  • Flashlights;
  • Two-way radios;
  • Drones;
  • Backpacks and camera bags;
  • Camera traps;
  • Field audio loggers (i.e., AudioMoth) and quality digital recorders;
  • Camping gear;
  • Binoculars;
  • Spotting scopes;
  • Tree climbing gear;
  • Boots, rain jackets, etc.;
  • Animal tracking equipment (i.e., GPS satellite trackers, VHF transmitters);
  • 3 remote field weather stations;
  • Nanopore DNA sequencer kit; and
  • Misc. field gear;

Please visit our Conservation Equipped page for more details on donating gear

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