Our citizen scientists recently discovered a new species of glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium) in the Amazonian reserve of Payamino. These imperiled amphibians have see-through bodies that help the males in particular blend into the leaves where they steadfastly guard their precious clutches of eggs. Extremely susceptible to pressures causing worldwide amphibian declines these delicate frogs rely on healthy and reliable, freshwater streams to reproduce.

Our field teams have also re-discovered a spectacularly rare species of true toad called the Tandayapa Andes toad (Rhaebo olallai) which was thought to be extinct since 1973. Additionally, we have found many new species candidates including 30 frogs (Pristamantis), several snakes, one salamander (Bolitoglossa), and a handful of stick-insects (Phasmid).

Other overlooked life upon which our research and discoveries depend include other amphibians, reptiles, and arthropods such as spiders and insects.

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