Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Not all species receive the protection they deserve.

Improving species equality by protecting Life Overlooked requires us to engage in ethical stewardship, education, altruistic sponsorship, and novel research with local partners and an international network of conservationists, citizens, scientists, and photographers.

Our Vision

We seek to foster an effective, efficient, and connected conservation sector to elevate the profile of life overlooked ensuring the conservation of biodiversity in all its forms.

Protecting Life Overlooked protects us all.

Our Goal

We like to say that most of our stakeholders could fit in the palm of your hand, and indeed they could, as over 95% of known animal species are that small or smaller. How odd, then, that the vast majority of animal life goes overlooked regarding scientific knowledge, popular understanding, and, hence, funding for conservation.

Want to support our cause?

There are many ways to support us, please visit our “Get Involved” page to know how you can contribute!

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