About Us

We conserve underserved wildlife species and ecosystems, improve livelihoods for associated communities, and improve the efficacy of conservation nonprofits.

We do this through applied research, media production, creation and leveraging of institutional support, and sound conservation practice.

About TBG

We are a conservation non-profit protecting Life Overlooked™ – the wildlife underdogs that are slipping through the cracks into extinction. There simply isn’t enough funding being directed towards wildlife conservation to stem the tide of the biodiversity crisis, but we’re on a mission to change that.

Through our novel and altruistic fiscal sponsorship program we are able to provide several highly desired services to international nonprofits that were out of reach to them previously. By democratizing these resources to other organizations that are on similar shoe-string budgets, we are able to amplify our impact and untether them from expensive services that were once weighing them down.

Through our long history of international research programs like our species (Re)Discovery Expeditions, we have discovered and captured beautiful imagery of many undetected species which has allowed land managers to gain critical funding and protection for their threatened habitats. Most recently we helped double the size of the Rio Manduriacu Reserve!

Through our Connect and Conserve initiative, the entire conservation sector benefits from a first-of-its-kind database which not only links all conservation organizations in the world, but also provides previously unattainable data on the world’s conservation activities. This allows us to better identify which species and regions are being neglected and guides the limited funding we all have to be used in the most effective ways.

We serve the conservation community, we serve wildlife, and we serve you. Through your support we can realize the change we want to see in the world. Learn how you can join us on our mission to knowingly leave no species behind by getting involved.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Not all species receive the protection they deserve.

Improving species equality by protecting Life Overlooked requires us to engage in ethical stewardship, education, altruistic sponsorship, and novel research with local partners and an international network of conservationists, citizens, scientists, and photographers.

Protecting Life Overlooked protects us all.

Our Vision

We seek to foster an effective, efficient, and connected conservation sector to elevate the profile of life overlooked ensuring conservation of biodiversity in all its forms.


We like to say that most of our stakeholders could fit in the palm of your hand, and indeed they could, as over 95% of known animal species are that small or smaller. How odd, then, that the vast majority of animal life goes overlooked regarding scientific knowledge, popular understanding, and, hence, funding for conservation.

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