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Be a discoverer!

Our team can embark on a Species (Re)Discovery Expedition for $10k. These have helped to expand reserves & even take down mining companies!!

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Donation Total: $10,000 One Time

Be part of our research team!

Scientific publications are an incredibly important part of any discovery. Without these publications the species simply cannot be saved.

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Donation Total: $1,500 One Time

Be a conservationist!

Help document a threatened species in a reserve for the first time ever! Our discoveries have helped the Manduriacu Reserve double in size!

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Donation Total: $500 One Time

Be a supporter!

Conservation work is incredibly necessary. Our overhead costs are less than 10% of revenue, so rest assured your donation supports conservation!

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Donation Total: $100 One Time

Be a Kind Soul!

Be a kind soul and let us decide how to best spend any donation amount & consider making it monthly. It’s the best way to donate & puts smiles on our faces.

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Donation Total: $20 One Time

Donate your crypto!

The Biodiversity Group protects the species and habitats that other organizations neglect—the conservation underdogs and what we term Life Overlooked™.

For over two decades our programs have been improving species equality by delivering insights and discoveries that have led to life-saving protections for some of the most overlooked wildlife on our planet. We have one of the lowest overhead costs around because we have some of the best volunteers in the business! So, rest assured that 90%+ of your donation goes directly towards one of our conservation programs.

Join us in our mission to knowingly leave no species behind!

Donations can also be made by post

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Honor Someone You Care About
Make a Donation in Their Name

Just email us the name and address of the recipient, and we’ll send them a personalized letter of thanks.

We Have Gold Level GuideStar Transparency

TBG is a US 501(c)(3) charity so your gift is 100% tax-deductible. EIN 20-3091062

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