The Biodiversity Group is proud to offer altruistic fiscal sponsorships to non-profit organizations across the globe who are also conserving Life Overlooked™. Our Executive Director is intimately familiar with the struggles faced in developing international conservation organizations as he co-founded the Creative Conservation Alliance in Bangladesh. Through that experience, he learned how to adeptly facilitate the works of local partners and has brought that expertise to TBG in order to leverage these skills and resources at scale.

Our novel partnerships are designed to give even the smallest international wildlife conservation non-profits a helping hand. Your international charity may be eligible to benefit through our tax-exempt status in the United States on a preapproved grant basis and soon through our “group exemption” which was filed in 2020. Considering that the US is the largest philanthropic contributor of any country in the world (nearly 450 billion per year!), access to these funds is crucial.

We allow international organizations to incorporate in the US as a nonprofit corporation, have a dedicated bank checking account, and take advantage of multiple, highly desirable co-benefits. These co-benefits include a custom grant database, tech discounts via Techsoup, Google Workspace access, Microsoft services, Dell and HP discounts, emergency financial support, accounting services, massive shipping discounts through DHL, access to our photo library, priority access to our Conservation Equipped program, and more.

If you are interested in being fiscally sponsored by TBG, please fill out this survey to determine eligibility and/or contact us for more details.

These organizations are already taking advantage of our fiscal sponsorships!

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