The Biodiversity Group is proud to offer altruistic fiscal sponsorships to non-profit organizations across the globe who are also conserving Life Overlooked™. Our Executive Director is intimately familiar with the struggles faced in developing international conservation organizations as he co-founded the Creative Conservation Alliance in Bangladesh. Through that experience, he learned how to adeptly facilitate the works of local partners and has brought that expertise to TBG in order to leverage these skills and resources at scale.

Our novel partnerships are designed to give even the smallest international wildlife conservation non-profits a helping hand. Your foreign charity may be eligible to benefit through our tax-exempt status in the United States on a pre-approved grant basis and (hopefully) soon through our Group Exemption which was filed in 2020. Considering that the US is the largest philanthropic contributor of any country in the world (over 450 billion per year!), access to these funds could be key to sustaining your nonprofit programs.

To maintain sponsee status, we require organizations to secure at least $10,000 USD per year. Conservation is tough so we do allow for 2 probationary years of earning under 10k as long as you apply for at least 2 grants through The Biodiversity Group, per year. Normal affiliation fees range from 10-15% for US fiscal sponsorships, but our fee is bracketed at 5% for funds under 100k and 3% for any funds thereafter, making our sponsorship the most altruistic you’ll find! With our low overheads and reasonable reporting requirements, we are advancing the trust-based philanthropy movement, ensuring sponsees won’t have to overcome unnecessary hurdles to benefit from additional funding.

We are the only fiscal sponsorship in the nation that provides you with direct (but monitored) access to a dedicated bank account. If a bank account is desired, we also file all the required paperwork for foreign-based organizations to incorporate in the US as a nonprofit corporation which is required for the bank access. The cost for this is $35 and is the only direct fee we charge.

We also strive to provide sponsees with as many highly desirable co-benefits as possible to lessen the burden of the affiliation fees. These co-benefits include free access to our private grant database (~500 grants listed); tech discounts via Techsoup; Google Workspace access; Microsoft services; Dell and HP discounts; emergency financial support (e.g. advanced funds in response to a delayed grant payment); accounting services; consulting for UI/UX, SEO, & Google Ads; massive shipping discounts through DHL; free access to our extensive photo library; priority access to our Conservation Equipped program; and more.

If you are interested in being fiscally sponsored by TBG, we will first need to determine your eligibility. Please carefully fill out the survey in the link below and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

These organizations are already taking advantage of our fiscal sponsorships! has been created as a repository of highly immersive natural soundscapes, with the purpose of helping listeners to reconnect with the natural world. We develop and maintain a nature sounds streaming web platform and app, we facilitate training for young conservationists in the global south who want to get started in nature sound recordings, and we develop guided nature meditations. We are a team of technologists, designers, and nature sound recording experts from around the world.

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