List of Conferences for Wildlife Conservation

Welcome to the only extensive and legitimate conference list for wildlife conservationists and researchers. In our efforts to provide the conservation community with helpful resources, this list will remain freely available and will be periodically updated.

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ConferenceWebsiteStart DateLocationKeywords
Tucson Herpetological Society Monday of every odd month at 7pm Arizona timeUniversity Of Arizona ENR2 BuildingWildlife
Save the Frogs - South Asia Meetups Saturday of every month - 7pm India Standard TimeOnlineHerpetology, research, community
Hatfield Marine Mammal Symposium ThursdayHMSC Campus, Newport, OR, USAwildlife
Seminar on Frontiers in Social Evolution TuesdayOnlineecology
Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science TuesdayOnlinebiodiversity
Conservation Conversations weekOnlineconservation
IUCN Red List Training Workshop DemandIUCN UK Officewildlife
Bevan Series on Sustainable Fisheries, USAbiodiversity
Intl. Assoc. for Society & Natural Resources
Society for Freshwater Science, PA, USAconservation
WHC Conservation Conference 2023 Orleans, USAconservation
Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, USAbiodiversity
Ecological Forecasting Initiative Conference 2024, Finlandecology
World Biodiversity Forum Congress Center, Switzerlandbiodiversity, conservation
International Herpetological Symposium, Tennessee, USAreptile, amphibian, research, conservation
Snake Ecology Group VII Conference, Wisconsin, USAreptile, research
NACCB 2024, Canadaconservation
Treatment of Pitviper Envenomation in the Rural Southwestern United States: A Symposium, NM, USAreptiles, snake bite, health, research
Euro Evo Devo, Finlandevolution
Africa Conservation Forum, Kenya
SSAR meeting Arbor, Michigan, USAreptiles, amphibians, conservation, research
Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (JMIH)[website forthcoming as the meeting approaches]10-Jul-24Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniaresearch, reptiles, amphibians, fish
CITES Animals Committee (AC33) - 3rd Meeting, policy
CITES Plants Committee (PC33) - 27th meeting, policy
International Botanical Congress (IBC), SpainPlants, flora, research, conservation
Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference (IECC), AZ, USAresearch, outreach
Student Conference on Conservation Science, UKconservation
Biology of Lizards 2 Conference - with Biology of Heloderma, NM, USAreptiles, research
22nd Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles, Arizona, USAreptiles, conservation, research
Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles Arbor, MI, USAwildlife
Northeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (NEPARC) Harbor, Maine, USAreptiles, amphibians, research, conservation
Gekkota Mundi III Mundi III, Chiang Mai, Thailandreptiles, amphibians, conservation, research
10th World Congress of Herpetology, Sarawak, Borneoresearch, amphibians, reptiles, conservation
International Symposium on Microbial Ecology Town, South Africaecology
USA RCF and Annual Meeting DC, United Statesconservation
International Congress of Entomology, Japanentomology
World Wilderness Congress City, South Dakota, USAconservation, rangers, advocacy
Microclimate Ecology and Biogeography, Finlandecology
8th IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum (RCF), Thailand
10th IUCN ROWA Regional Conservation Forum (RCF), Saudi Arabia
Oceania Regional Conservation Forum (RCF), Fiji
60th Annual Meeting of DGHT (German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture), Germany
Annual Meeting of DGHT (German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture) ;19-Sep-24Frankfurt am Main, Germanyreptiles, amphibians, conservation, research
Horned Lizard Conservation Conference, Arizona, USAresearch, reptiles
International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress, Australiaecology
Europe, North and Central Asia Regional Conservation Forum (RCF), Belgium
Canada Regional Conservation Forum (RCF), Canada
Cacticon, Australiaplants, horticulture
IX Congress of A.A. Nikolsky Herpetological Society Kaluga State University, Russiareptiles, amphibians, research, conservation
IUCN Leaders Forum, Switzerlandconservation
South America Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) Marta, MAG, Colombia
The Wildlife Society - Western Section Conference, USAwildlife
Society for Marine Mammals, Australiawildlife
Biology of Winter GRC
International Conference on Biological Invasions, Portgualbiology
The Wildlife Society - British Columbia Chapter, British Columbia, Canadawildlife
Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting, USAwildlife
Society for Range Management Annual Meeting, Nevada, USAwildlife
Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators, BC, Canadaconservation
Ohio Fish and Wildlife Management Association
Marine Aquarium Societies of North America
ESP 11 World conference
EBCC International Conference,March%20to%204%20April%202025.31-Mar-25Riga, Latviaconservation
International Bat Research Conference, Australiabiodiversity
European Society for Evolutionary Biology Congress, Spainevolution
IUCN World Conservation Congress Dhabi, UAEwildlife
IUSSI International Congress, Germanyentomology
Environmental Education Association of Alabama, AL, USAconservation
Ocean Sciences Meeting Orleans, Louisiana, USAmarine conservation
Pacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting, WA, USAwildlife
49th Annual Desert Tortoise Council Symposium Vegas, NV, USAconservation, wildlife, research
33rd Herpetological and Vivarium Conference Zoo, Plzeň, Czech Republicreptile, amphibian, research, conservation
National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association, Nebraska, USAwildlife
Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptiles Conservation (SEPARC), Alabama, USAherpetology, research, conservation
American Association of Biological Anthropologists Annual Meeting Marriott, Los Angelesbiology, anthropology
Icelandic Ecological Society Annual Meeting
Ecology on a Used Planet (NMBU) of Life Sciences, NMBU, As, Norwayecology, biology
Cultural Evolution Society Conference, Denmarkculture, conservation
Mathematical & Computational Evolutionary Biology
Our Ocean Conference biology, conservation, ecology
International Coral Reef Symposium reef, conservation
The Plant-Herbivore Interaction GRC
Symposium on Insect-Plant Interactions
Plant Genome Stability and Change (EMBO) genome
Marine Reptiles Conference
Ocean Biogeochemistry GRC conservation
The Interconnected Microbial Ocean GRC conservation
Ocean Change Biology GRC conservation
Unifying Ecology Across Scales GRC
Conference on Mediterranean Ecosystems
Ontario Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Conference
The Saskatchewan Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2023 Annual Conference of the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society
North Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society
South Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2023 Michigan Fish & Wildlife Conference
Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Michigan Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Maryland-Delaware Chapter of The Wildlife Society Spring Meeting
New York Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Conference
Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Arkansas Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Georgia Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Kentucky Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists Symposium
North Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
South Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Tennessee Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Virginia Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Arizona/New Mexico Chapter of The Wildlife Society Joint Annual Meeting
Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society’s 2023 Annual Conference
Nevada Chapter of The Wildlife Society’s 2023 Annual Conference
American Fisheries Society - Oregon Chapter
Native American Fish and Wildlife Society National Conference
North American Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers Conference
Environmental Education Association of Oregon Environmental Education Conference
NAEP Annual Conference & Training Symposium
NW Climate Adaptation Science Center
Maryland Association for Env. & Outdoor Education
League of Environmental Educators in Florida
American Fisheries Society - Southern Division
Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research
American Fisheries Society - Alaska
American Fisheries Society - WA/British Columbia Chapter
American Fisheries Society - Illinois Chapter
American Fisheries Society - Florida
Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council NE region
New England Fishery Management Council NE region
Pacific Fisheries Management Council W region
American Cetacean Society winter 2022 national
Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting
ASLO Adapting to a Changing World
American Elasmobranch Society (Sharks)
Elakha Alliance PNW
Southeast Partners Amphibian Reptiles Conservation
The Wildlife Society - Alaska Chapter
International Assoc. for Bear Research & Mgmt.
Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
Wildlife Connectivity Corridors and Crossings Conference
Pathways Conference
North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference
International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence
Amphibian Conservation Research Symposium
Amphibian Week
International Urban Wildlife Conference
World Bank Tokyo Seminar “Global Challenge Program on Forest for Development, Climate and Biodiversity”, JapanConservation
World Bank Events
International Wildlife Conference on "Wildlife Conservation: Emerging scenario & way forward" Pradesh, Indiawildlife
International Wildlife Law Conference, law
Meeting of the Animals Committee (CITES)
World Wildlife Conference
International Conference for Wildlife Management
Wildlife Reintroduction Conference
Wildlife Coexistence Conference
Conservation Optimism
Our Land Our Nature (Survival International)
PAWS Conference
International Wildlife Management Consortium - World Conservation Trust
International Meeting on Zoo Research, Conservation and Biodiversity (IMZRCB)
Global Leopard Conference
West Coast Sea Turtle Symposium
TTPG Conference
Sea Turtle Conservancy Symposium
Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles
Flora Fauna Conference
Southeast Partners in Amphibian Reptiles Conservation
IUCN Africa Protected and Conserved Areas Congress (APAC)
Regional Counter Wildlife Trafficking Partner Coordination Meeting
Counter Wildlife Trafficking Partnership Forum II
Annual Meeting of ASEAN Working Group on CITES and Wildlife Enforcement
Second ASEAN Environmental Law Conference
Animal Advocacy Conference Asia
Scottish Herpetological Conference
International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop
Bats Across Borders WBWG Conference
Northeast Bat Working Group
International Bat Conference
Irish Bat Conference
European Bat Research Symposium
European Bat Detector Workshop
Midwest Bat Working Group Hybrid Meeting
Midlands Bat Conference
Ecological Society of Japan
WAZA Annual Conference
Centers for Species Survival MeetingLogistic Pack_IUCN SSC CSS and SC meetings_April 2023.pdfPassedunknownwildlife
2023 IUCN SSC Steering Committee meeting
Earth Day Expo
Latin American Congress of Botany, Cubabotany
Global Biodiversity Festival
ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting
MCAF Fellows Summit, conservation
Behaviour 2023, Germanyecology
Coastal Wetlands Twitter Conference
Croatian Symposium on Invasive Species
Birds and Biodiversity in China: A Conservation Bright Spot
International Statistical Ecology Conference
Reef Conservation UK
The Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS)
The Bio-Diverse Project
Anthropology and Conservation
Society for Conservation Biology Zimbabwe Chapter
Society for Conservation Biology Greater Melbourne Chapter
BES Conservation Ecology & Tropical Ecology Joint Twitter Conference 2021
International Conference on Ecological Informatics
The Australian Mammalian Society Conference
CitSci India 2022
Posea Conference
Quantitative SIG Annual Meeting
ESP Asia Conference
Pacific Islands Bat Forum
Quest for Orthologs
The Conservation Symposium
International Wader Study Group Virtual Conference
Symposium on Functional Marine Biodiversity
Australasian Ornithological Conference
ESP Africa Regional conference
ESP Europe Conference
ACES Conference
American Genetic Association
TDWG Annual Conference
Aquatic SIG Conference
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium
BES Macro
AEET-SFɲ Online Conference for Early Career Scientists
World Bat Twitter Conference
International Symposium on Marine Science and Engineering for Young Scientists and Postgraduates
Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society
SBE Meeting
NatureServe Biodiversity Without Boundaries
The Biodiversity Crisis
Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity
Pacific Coast Entomological Society
Annual Sustainable Ocean Conference
PastBioDivSea Conference
Evolution Conference
Stochastic Models and Experiments in Ecology and Biology
Annual Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference
International Symposium: Future of Butterflies in Europe
Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals
Predicting Evolution
Biology Graduate Symposium
Ecological and Economic Impacts
PMNHS Virtual Conference
Marine Science Graduate Student Symposium
Virtual IMS Research Symposium
Conferences on Cetacean Conservation in South Mediterranean Countries
Women in Conservation Conference
OIKOS Denmark
ESA Annual Meeting
Society for Conservation Biology Davis Chapter
Management for Reptile and Amphibian Survival: Virtual Herpetology Conference
International Electronic Conference on Biological Diversity, Ecology and Evolution
Reforestation for Biodiversity, Carbon Capture and Livelihoods
ESP Europe Conference
UKOTCF Conference
SOS Ornithological Society
Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference
EcoGSS Conference
ASSEMBLE Plus Conference
IBFRA Conference
Bee Virtual Conference
OIKOS Finland
Visibility STEM Africa Conference
NatSCAConservation Twitter Conference
Science @ Safe
URI Chapter of the Society for Women in Marine Science
Joint iLEAPS and FLUXNET Early Career Scientist Twitter Poster Conference
Pacific Islands Conference
XVI Encontro Nacional de Biologia Evolutiva
Annual Biology Symposium
International Marine Science Communication Conference CommOcean
Virtual Bioinformatics Student Symposium
Primate Society of Great Britain Annual Meeting
Brazilian Student Council Symposium
MEEM Conference
Maine Mountain Conference
POGO Conference
IECA Conference
ASAB Summer Virtual
SCAPE Conference
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference
BES Conservation Ecology & Tropical Ecology Joint Twitter Conference 2021
VI Latin American Congress of Arachnology
ABACBS Virtual Conference
Evolutionary Demography Society’s Annual Meeting
Ecology Underground
Freshwater Ecology Conference
MEE Virtual
Deep-Sea Biology Symposium
Deep Sea Biology Society Conference
International Marine Conservation Congress
Institute of Systems Biology
Animal Behaviour Twitter Conference
Environmental DNA conference, Australiaecology
The Responses of Tropical Forests to Global Warming
Best Practices for Effective Science Communication with Policymakers
Bird Monitoring in India
Behaviour SIG Meeting 2023 (Royal Entomological Society)
Biogeography of Behaviour, USAecology
Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conferenceno websitePassedVancouver, Canadaecology
ISEB Annual Meeting, Israelbiology
WFGRS 2023, USAbiodiversity
Society for Marine Mammalogy - Australia and New Zealand Student Chapter, Tasmaniabiodiversity
Central Ecology & Evolution Conference, USAecology
Joint BES and BESS Symposium, UKecology
Behaviour SIG Meeting 2023
Congress of the International Society of Limnology Du Iguacu, Brazilinland waters
The British Bat Research Symposium, UKconservation
Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biologyno websitePassedEde, Netherlandsecology, biology
The Global Biodiversity Festival
Conserving Conservationists!
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases, USAecology
Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium 2023, Canadaecology
The 2023 Annual Professional Biology AGM
Symposium on Urbanization and Stream Ecology, Australiaecology
Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution AND Canadian Botanical Association, Canadaconservation
EcoSummit 2023 Coast, Australiaecology, sustainability
Pathway to Increase Standards and Competency of eDNA Surveys (PISCeS), Canadaecology
Animal-Microbe Symbioses, LU, Italybiodiversity
Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium 2023 reef, conservation
6th European Conference of Tropical Ecology Republicecology
Molecular Origins of Life, Germanyevolution
Wilson Ornithological Society Annual Meeting, PA, USAwildlife
2023 WHC Conservation Conference, USAconservation
Evolution 2023, New Mexicoevolution, systems biology
EFI Unconference 2023, CO, USAecology
International Soil and Water Assessment Tool Conference & Workshop, Denmarksoil, water, ecology
Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour 2023 Conference, Australiabiodiversity
Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity & Biotechnology, Denmarkbiodiversity
Trees for Climate Change, Biodiversity and People, UKbiodiversity, climate
Australian Marine Sciences Association Conference Coast, Australiamarine biology, conservation
World Conference for Marine Biodiversity, Georgetown, Malaysiawildlife
Annual Meeting of the Association of Tropical Biology & Conservation, Indiabiology, conservation
Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Indiaconservation
AMSA 2023 Coast, Australiabiodiversity
Plant Biology Europe 2023, Francebotany
Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference, Australiaecology
2023 ESA Conference, Australiaecology
SEB Centenary Conference 2023, UKecology
1406th International Conference on Behaviour Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife, Thailandwildlife
WAFWA’S 2023 Summer Meeting Fe, New Mexico, USAwildlife
Conservation Symposium for Wood, Blanding's, and Spotted Turtles, and related Emydine turtles, Pennsylvania, USAwildlife
Animal Behavior Society Conference & Workshop, Oregon, USAwildlife
American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, VA, USAwildlife
American Society of Mammalogists Annual Conference, Alaska, USAwildlife
AGTA Annual Conference, Australiabiology
Nature-based Solutions Conference & Expo, Australianature conservation
Theory and Concepts in Biology Heidelbergbiology
Botany 2023, Idaho, USAbotany
SMBE 2023, Italyevolution, biology
Northeast Partners Amphibian Reptiles Conservation (PARC), CT, USAwildlife
International Congress for Conservation Biology, Rwandaconservation biology
Annual Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza, Mississippi, USAwildlife
International Conference of the Wildlife Disease Association, Georgia, USAwildlife
Turtle Survival Alliance, South Carolina, USAwildlife, conservation
Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles, South Carolina, USAconservation
International Conference on Behaviour Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife, Bangladeshwildlife
Ornithological Congress of the Americas, Brazilwildlife
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council SE region
Mammal Society’s 68th Annual Conference – The Future of Mammal Conservation, UKconservation
Plant Biology 2023, Georgiabotany
The Mammal Society’s Annual General Meeting 2023, UKconservation
Ecological Society of America, OR, USAecology
GIS And Remote Sensing In Conservancy And Wildlife Management Workshop, Kenyaconservation
American Ornithological Society Annual Meeting, Ontario, Canadawildlife, birds
The 3rd Biennial Conference of Tropical Biodiversity, Indonesiawildlife
Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA), NZwildlife
International Society for Evolution in Medicine & Public Health 2023, California, USAevolution, biology
2023 SCGIS Virtual Conference
International Primatological Society - Malaysian Primatological Society (IPS - MPS), MalaysiaPrimates, conservation, wildlife
American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting Rapids, Michigan, USAwildlife
SYMPOSIUM FOR AQUATIC MICROBIAL ECOLOGY - SAME17,on%2020%2D25%20August%202023.PassedTartu, Estoniabiodiversity
European Ornithologists' Union Congress, Swedenwildlife
Midwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (MWPARC), Illinois, USAherpetology, conservation, research
34th European Congress of Arachnology, Brittany, Franceconservation
3rd Crossing the International Paleontological-Ecological Gap 2023, Lithuaniaecology
Business of Conservation Conference, Rwandaconservation
Congreso latinoamericano de herpetologiaPassedresearch, conservation
European vulture conference Cultural San Francisco, Cáceres, Spainresearch, conservation, wildlife
International meeting for Phytolith Research,13th%20International%20Meeting%20on%20Phytolith%20Research%20to%20be%20held%20in,2023&text=Check%20the%20conference%20website%20for%20details%20regarding%20the%20conference%20and%20abstract%20submission!&text=Looking%20forward%20to%20seeing%20you%20soon%20in%20Israel%20!PassedIsraelphytolith, plant organism
22nd European Congress of Herpetologyhttps://www.sehcongress23.comPassedWolverhampton, Englandreptiles, amphibians, conservation, research
ECEM 2023 - European Conference on Ecological Modelling, Germanyecology
RSS International Conference, UKconservation
2023 DICE Twitter Conference
International Conference on Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring York, USAcoral reef, ecology, technology
Wildlife Research and Conservation (IZW-Berlin), Germanywildlife
Outdoor Writers Association of America Conference Shores, Alabama, USAconservation
Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) 2023 Annual Conference, OH, USAconservation
Southern African Wildlife Management Association Gate Highland National Park. Free State, South Africawildlife
International Biodiversity Symposium (IBDS) 2023 Malaysia Terengganu,Terengganu Malaysia (Hybrid conference)wildlife, conservation
Basel Computational Biology Conference, Switzerlandbiology
GfO Annual Meeting, Germanyecology
EAZA Annual Conference, Finlandbiodiversity
EVOLTREE Conference, Romaniabiodiversity
EAZA Annual Conference, Finlandbiodiversity
Wild Wonder - Nature Journaling Conference, education
International Conference on Mediterranean Biodiversity, Italybiodiversity
National Bat Conference, UKwildlife
The National Bat Conference, UKconservation
National Bat Conference, UKconservation
Youth Ocean Conservation Summit 2023, conservation
7th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW), Croatiawildlife
The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers, Germanybiodiversity
National Shellfisheries Association, North Carolina, USAconservation
International Conference on Community Ecology, Trieste, Italycommunity, ecological networks, dark diversity
European Society for the study of Human Evolution Annual Meeting, Denmarkevolution
59th Annual Meeting of DGHT (German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture) an der Aisch, Germany
World Biodiversity Summit York, USAconservation
The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, Alberta, Canadawildlife
7th Africa Animal Welfare Conference, Rwandawildlife
Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference, QL, Australiawildlife
Society for Ecological Restoration, Australiaconservation
Gilbert Icthyological Society Fall 2022,29%20to%20October%201%2C%202023.PassedEatonville, Washington, USAwildlife
Box Turtle Conservation Workshophttps://www.boxturtleconservation.orgPassedGainesville, Georgia, USAreptile, research
International Wader Study Group Annual Conference, Germanybiodiversity
North Pacific Fishery Management Council PNW, Alaska, USAwildlife
Plant Biology 2023, Hawaiibiology
Student Conference on Conservation Science-New York York, USAconservation
SCCS-NY York, USAconservation
CPSG Annual Meeting Diego, California, USAwildlife
Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians Christi, Texas, USAveterinary
African Wildlife Consultative Forum, Namibiaconservation
Asian Society for Conservation Medicine Conference Island, South Koreaconservation
North American Association for Env. Education Workshops and Conference
TDWG Annual Conference, Australiabiodiversity
Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS), Indiaconservation
GEO BON Global Conference: Monitoring Biodiversity for Action, Canadabiodiversity
The Biodiversity Conference, Australiabiodiversity
Asia for Animals Coalition Conference, Malaysiawildlife
North American Society for Bat Research, Manitoba, Canadawildlife
Congress of the French Herpetological Society, Franceherpetology, research, conservation
Bee Ecology, Evolution & Conservation (BEEc), Canadaconservation
Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) Expo Francisco, CA, USAwildlife
Cochrane Ecological Institute Conference Creek, Alberta, Canadaconservation
SE Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Christi, Texas, USAwildlife
International Conference on Geology & Climate Change,Welcome%20Message,for%20Geology%20and%20Earth%20Science%E2%80%9D.PassedParis, Francegeosciences, climate change
2023 IZE CONFERENCE Zoo, New Zealandbiodiversity
Raptor Research Foundation Annual Conference, NM, USAwildlife
SORTEE Conference
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting, Ohio, USAPaleontology
Inclusive SciComm Symposium, USAconservation
Inclusive SciComm Symposium, USAscience/communication
Southern California Botanist (SCB) Annual Symposium Diego, California, USAPlants, botany, conservation
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council SW region City Beach, FL, USAwildlife
SOUTHERN AFRICAN SHARK AND RAY SYMPOSIUM,to%20Friday%2027th%20October%202023&text=Premier%20Hotel%20Umhlanga-,The%20Southern%20African%20Shark%20%26%20Ray%20Symposium%20(SASRS)%20is%20a,as%20well%20as%20decision%20makers.PassedKwaZulu-Natal, South Africabiodiversity
National DIversity in STEM, Oregon, USAscience
California Central Coast Chapter of The Wildlife Society[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark_search%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7DPassedSan Luis Obispo, CA, USAwildlife
Herpetological Studies in the Caspian Basin, Daghestan, Russiaresearch, reptiles, amphibians
New York State Outdoor Education Association, USAconservation
Graduate Climate Conference (GCC), USAecology
Oregon's State of the Coast conference, OR, USAconservation
ECN Annual Meeting, USAecology
Entomology 2023 Symposia & Workshops, USAinsects
The Wildlife Society Annual Conference, KY, USAwildlife
AWFN Annual meeting (AWFN23)
Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association, Perak, Malaysiaconservation
ESP LAC International Conference Serena, Chileecology
National Association for Interpretation Rock, Arkansas, USAconservation
Sustainability Summit 2023, SDGs
The Western Society of Naturalists, CA, USAwildlife
Western Society of Naturalists, USAecology
Young Systematists’ Forum
3rd International Conservation Translocations Conference 2023 (ICTC), Australiaconservation
International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium Mai, Thailandwildlife
19th International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium Mai, Thailandconservation
Southeastern Fishes Council TBD SE region, TN, USAwildlife
Global Flyways
5th Polish Herpetological Symposiumław, Polandresearch, conservation
Plant Genomes, Systems Biology & Engineering Campus, New Yorkplants, biology, engineering
UN Climate Change Conference, UAEconservation
ACI International Conference, USAconservation
British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Northern Irelandecology
Australasian Evolution Society Conference, Australiabiodiversity
ASAB Winter 2023, UKconservation
Society of Wetland Scientists Meetings
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference, WA, USAwildlife
International Biogeography Society Biennial Conference, Czech Republicbigeography
Geobiology GRC, Texas, USAbiology
Predator-Prey Interactions GRC, USAconservation
Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference Dakota, USAwildlife
Missouri Natural Resources Conference Beach, Missouri, USAwildlife
Victorian Biodiversity Conference, Australiabiodiversity
Harnessing Appropriate and Innovative Technology and Digital Solutions to Support Robust Implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework 2 - Silk Road Congress Center, Samarkandresearch, policy
CMS COP 14, Uzbekistanwildlife
3rd Interinstitutional Seminar on Green Criminology in Mexico, trafficking, conservation
North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference Rapids, Michigan, USAwildlife
International Sea Turtle Symposium (ISTS)
National Military Fish and Wildife Association Annual Meeting Rapids, Michigan, USAwildlife
Student Conference on Conservation Science
Joint Annual Meeting: Northwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (NWPARC), USAherpetology
IALE-North America Annual Meeting, USAconservation
Urban Birds, UKconservation
Animal Behavior Management Alliance, TN, USAwildlife
NE Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Annual Conference Cod, MA, USAwildlife
ASAB Spring 2024 of Exeter, UKconservation
IUCN World Conservation Congress 2024 global
World Species Congress
European Turtle Alliance Conference University College, UK
iCare,largest%20veterinary%20conferences%20in%20Europe.PassedGhent, Belgiumwildlife
International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) Conference 2024, Austriaflora, hobby

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