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The Biodiversity Group is proud to offer fiscal sponsorship services to a network of conservationists across the globe and charge one of the lowest affiliation fees in the industry at only 7%! This is half of what most fiscal sponsorships charge which allows us to operate sustainably and even provide democratized resources to our sponsees that they would otherwise not be able to afford. A true win-win!

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Congo Biotropical Institute (CBI) is a french-speaking organization working towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity. Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, their programs are aimed at preserving highly biodiverse habitats that support the most underserved gorilla subspecies alongside many lesser-known species.

Tel / Call: + 243 992 662 215
WhatsApp: + 243 895 722 257
E-mail: [email protected]

• Promote the conservation of nature in general thereby benefiting all forms of life;
• Promote the protection and conservation of wildlife species in general, particularly threatened species;
• Intervene in the protection of primates and restore their natural environments;
• Promote community conservation by helping local communities, through training and equipping them with the necessary tools for the protection and conservation of their natural heritage;
• Support in-situ conservation programs.

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