Biodiversity PEEK

STEAM Curriculum

K-8 Biodiversity PEEK curriculum resource kits, lesson plan packets, and professional development workshops!

The Biodiversity P.E.E.K. pre K curriculum is:

  • STEM + Art = STEAM !
  • focused on the science standards of your classroom.
  • fun enough to be used as an after school enrichment program.
  • flexible to fit with the specific needs and opportunities of your site.

Biodiversity PEEK students spend time outside in nature, observing and wondering about the unique and often overlooked wild plants and animals. They engage in real, meaningful citizen-science using digital photography and an international database, while also exploring their natural curiosity about how photography works through art projects like solar-prints and building a camera-obscura. They also learn about light and vision through hands-on activities like constructing a model.

Through a guided nature journal, students develop their own questions, investigate and research some of these questions, share their findings, and develop a feasible biodiversity project. In addition, they learn about the importance of biodiversity and conservation education, and explore the complexity of ecosystems, including endangered species.

Biodiversity PEEK lessons are interdisciplinary, with a focus on natural science, art, engineering, reading and writing, math, and design.

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