If you have a digital camera, you can join us as a citizen scientist by uploading and sharing your photos as data for conservation science. Just choose a project below corresponding to your photo’s location. You can easily and quickly share your in-focus photos of animals and plants from your own backyard or from the far-flung places you’ve visited. When posting your photos, be sure to push the button asking for them to be identified by a biologist. Who knows, your data could lead to the species discoveries or contribute to the protection of an endangered species!


Find a plant or animal in the wild.


Snap a photo of it so you can see it clearly.


Catalog your photo by uploading to a project below.


Mark your observation on the provided map, and tell us a little about it.

That’s it! Scientists will be able to use YOUR data
hundreds of years from now to get a snapshot of what you saw.

Unifying efforts between local communities and visitors to the Galapagos Islands to monitor the health of this unique and fragile place. Visitors can give something back from their travels, and locals can learn about and see their own world in a whole new light.

Proyecto Manabi is a community-led effort to find species, some previously unknown to science, in rare and dwindling forests in the coast of Ecuador. The central region of interest is Manabi Province on the equator, and observations from any of the Pacific lowlands on Ecuador are welcome.

The Amazon rainforest of Ecuador is the single most biodiverse region on Earth. It is safe to say that there are millions of plant and animal photographs from the area that could be used if just uploaded! Get the word out for anyone who has data to use.

Connecting mountain communities and ecosystems from cloudforest to tundra.

The focus of our Vietnam Con Dao Biodiversity PEEK program works to document life both above and below the water. See this video to know all you need to know about it!

Fostering cross-border collaboration in discovering and documenting all forms of life, demonstrating commonalities in both biological and human communities. Upload images of any plants and animals with locations.

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