Species Identification

Our work yields tens of thousands of photos of fauna and flora that we can not easily identify. One of our goals is to bring together the global scientific community in an endeavor to identify animals and plants from photos, data, and specimens. To this end, we have developed a clearinghouse mechanism to bring experts to bear on identifying both known species, and finding out which of our photos represent species new to science.

Anyone can contribute to this project by checking out our identification galleries. Simply follow these links to our galleries; you will see hundreds of photos of animals that we either have not, or have only tentatively identified.

If you would like to make a contribution, make sure that you registered as a contributor by filling out the following information form. Then visit our galleries and you can make an identification by putting a comment below each photo. Just make sure to identify yourself with each comment.

We have a multifaceted approach to the science of Conservation Biology. We use everything from laboratory science to fine art photography to help discover, understand, and appreciate the value of biodiversity.

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