_DSC5825The Biodiversity Group is recruiting conservation photographers to participate in a truly unique opportunity.

Our Conservation Photography Expeditions travel to wild and scenic locales that are in urgent need of global attention, and you can help visually share the visual stories of places, plants and animals that might otherwise perish without your efforts.

Our photo expeditions are unlike any tour or workshop in the world. Unlike photographic tours and workshops where the images go solely to photographers’ private collections for private and commercial use, our participants’ works are used in science and art, all to protect wild animals and ecosystems. You can polish your photographic skills and contribute to a greater goal. Participants will visit breathtaking places, stay in comfort, and receive on-the-ground training to apply photography towards conservation.

Our destinations are pre-selected based on not only incredible photographic opportunities, but a conservation need that The Biodiversity Group can address.

Here’s what makes us different: Once we finish the expedition, we’re not done. Each participant will provide some of their best shots towards conservation projects, which may include: 1) a photographic record of the biodiversity of the area, 2) an online exposé featuring your most beautiful images, 3) a photo book featuring your images, and 4) a short-feature documentary on our study area and its inhabitants. You will be credited to each endeavor–it’s not only a great way to give something back, but it’s a great way to get your name out there as a professional.

And here’s how it works. At the end of the expedition, all you have to do is upload 40 of your photos that scientifically document an individual plant or animal in the field, and provide us with 10 of your favorite photos that you might like to see displayed on screen or in print. That’s it, you’ve done your part, and the rest is left to us. Unless….take a look:

“An incredible, breathtaking experience. . .a trip of a lifetime that I hope to repeat!”

“A truly mind-blowing experience. I will never forget it and skills that I learned have kicked my photography up into another level.”

“A breathtaking experience for anybody ready for a challenge in exchange of being allowed to ‘focus on life overlooked’.”

Give more, get something back.

Here’s a perk. When you’re done with the expedition, you can volunteer your time towards our conservation photography projects. Those contributing significant amounts (via written agreement) can receive up to $1,000 on future expeditions. Here are some of the things you could contribute, either on a professional level or as a volunteer.

  • image database management
  • translation
  • publishing and editing
  • writing
  • species identification
  • marketing
  • video post-production
  • sound editing
  • photo printing
  • graphic design
  • recruitment
  • hosting fundraising house parties
  • video and book distribution
  • sponsorships
  • Photo and video agency representation
conservation photographers


  • Cost: $3,400-4,000, with up to $1,000 discount for repeating, contributing participants
  • Subjects: frogs, flowers, snakes, people, forests, and rivers
  • Level of Photography Experience: Intermediate to Professional
  • Level of Physical Difficulty: Mild to Difficult, depending on expedition and specific activities chosen
  • Level of Comfort in Accommodations: High
  • Quality of Food: Rainforest Gourmet
  • Transportation: Chartered vans, canoes, and bushplanes
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